Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TMA students get healthy (and TMA staff members get dunked on)

This Saturday members of Kena Allison's health class and Sam Ullery's environmental science class joined together to host our second community-wide health fair of the year.  Students led workshops in progressive relaxation, gave tours of the garden, took blood pressure, and presented at booths covering topics ranging from sexual health, soil quality, risks associated with alcohol, and good eating habits.

The Health Fair was a tremendous success, thanks to the students' efforts, the guidance of Ms. Allison and Mr. Ullery, and outside organizations such as Metro Teen AIDS, Women's Coalition, Anacostia Watershed Society, and the National Audubon Society.

Oh.  And there was a little student v. faculty basketball game.  Everybody had fun and got some exercise.  The score is irrelevant.

Hey!  Look!  More pictures!

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  1. I know "writer talk"; and the statement, "the score was irrelevant means the staff lost ! lol