Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TMA students and mentors work to protect the Anacostia Watershed

On Saturday the Mentor Program worked with Anacostia Watershed Society to build fences in the Anacostia River. These fences are an essential part of maintaining the health of the river. Soon, younger volunteers will trudge out to our fences and plant native species within them. Protected from Canadian Geese by the fencing, plants will grow, add species diversity to the watershed, and provide a natural filter for the river.

This work can only be done during low tide, and with almost 70 strong, the Mentor Program built three fences and repaired a fourth in one two-hour stretch. Oh. And we got real muddy and had some fun.

What? You want more pictures? Fine.


  1. that was a good trip and i still couldnt b leave that josh mentor had his shoes off

  2. What great pictures! Looks like everyone's having a great time and doing some really wonderful work.

  3. Joshua: Man this mentro day was some how funny. I'm glad that i didn't fall in the mud. I was this close to throwing up. But I held it in. This was a very helpful thing to do for the auquatic garden. This was a messy trip.