Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What's taking Ford so long to develop a solar powered car?

During a week-long celebration of Earth Day, the Green Club hosted a Solar Derby last Thursday.  Students built their own solar-powered cars, and challenged each other to a 15-meter sprint.  During the derby, students made minor adjustments to their vehicles, fine-tuned their solar engines, and tried to find out what variable made the most significant impact on speed.  For the record, it was standing in between the sun and an opponents car, a tactic that was outlawed for the final race.

In the championship race, freshman Veronica Davis (celebrating above) boasted the fastest vehicle, Darylquisha Hill made the most significant improvements, and everyone enjoyed Mr. Ullery's solar-cooked apple-turnover.  Enjoy these pictures, and stay tuned for video from the race.

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  1. they must have had fun that day keep up the good work and achieve for success