Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TMA's First Monthly Workday a Great Success!

Thurgood Marshall Academy had its first monthly Garden Workday and Plant Sale this past Saturday, June 9th.

Rising 10th grader Cer’cia Wallace had this to say about her experience at the TMA Community Garden Workday:

This weekend I spent my Saturday in the garden. I was the first TMA student to arrive to the work day. When I got there Ms.Boehle-Silva greeted me and Ms. Hanson, our librarian, introduced me to her son. I also saw Ms. Wyss and Ms. Kate, our Garden Coordinator. Then it was off to the garden! I pulled out the weeds and assisted with the Savoy kids, helping them in the garden. We pulled and pulled, dirt flying everywhere, Ms. Wyss and I talked about summer plans as we sold some plants, and I got to take one home! The sun beat down and water was a necessity. This day of gardening has made me want to become more involved in the garden next year!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Last Call for 2011-2012 The TMA Brief

The TMA Brief concluded a stellar second year with its largest issue ever. At a whopping 16 pages, the fourth and final issue packs a punch. On the front page, star senior reporter Kendra Atchison reflects on college acceptance and rejection in what is her final article for the newspaper. Also on the front, new up-and-comer Syndi Foshee delves into the intricacies of locker logistics, documenting students’ laments over the treacherous bottom lockers. Senior Justice Long rounds out the coverage of the 2012 graduating class with a pair of faculty interviews about senioritis and its symptoms. Justice also continues her ongoing quest to find the best-dressed faculty and staff by interviewing Ms. Boehle-Silva. In their regular A-C Wars column, Cericia Wallace and Anthonya James go head-to-head, ramping up the rhetoric over whether it’s Twitter or Facebook that dominates the social media landscape. In fiction, Keneon Williams completes his sci-fi epic, The Darkest World, with a thrilling two-part conclusion. More than any other issue, this one brings the culture, featuring humor, poetry, Bryn Baffer’s book reviews, a photo essay, a Spanish-language section and The Queen and Mickey’s regular wrap-up of the latest music and videos.

This issue is the last but absolutely not least. Don’t miss out—click the link below to have a look for yourself!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Guest Blog: TMA Community Service Spotlight

Thurgood Marshall Academy and City Year Answer the Call

Additionally, thanks to Congress Heights Community Association!

Guest Blogger Cer'cia Wallace Covers Track Meet

Saturday morning most students and TMA  staff were still turning over in bed. But a select few of the track team members and staff were at Banneker track, for a community track meet. Students met at TMA on a bus to Banneker track, then slowly but surely staff members showed up. Then competition and boasting was in the air. Before the events started the warm-up was made into a mock race.

Then the day got going, with to start with a 50-meter race, in which the students won. Then as student, and male, victories out numbered female and staff wins we turned to relies. The first rely had the boys in led, with Markel coming out for a win, then the girls and Jessie bringinin it home, then Coach Scogin  with the finish for the staff. This was met by cheers and playful jeering by the staff, which swore they were cheated. The accusation the Staff made sent the crowd in an up roar of laughter. Next we had the 400-meter, a race that got very little volunteers, but did send Ms. D and Markel in a hand and hand race with each other. Every one was cheering for the close win, for who one I say they both are winners in that race.  Finally it was the final rely, in which I was the starter for the girls, and was the most heart warming race. In this race the community part came out. When the girls’ last runner finished she was the only one still running. It was her and the race. But instantly she wasn’t alone, the crowd cheered, and some went back to run with her. We all finished together.

Then we ate subway and laughed at the days events. We all entered the race of finishing Mr. Bein’s 6 foot sub. I couldn’t help but poke fun at Ms. Gang because I hadn’t planned on running but beat her once, of course she beat me mutable   times, but is that really important? On the bus ride back I couldn’t help be a mix of happy and sad, happy at the wonderful turn my day took, but sad to know this was the last TMA outing of the year. Also the last one with Ms. D, and maybe Ms. Gang, two staff I’ve grown to love over this year. So for the other 17 hours I was racing staff, and for the next 42 hours I will feel the effects of the race. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Tricks of the Trade: TMA Two-Wheeled Edition

Master Historian Mr. Pat
Making the most of a sunny afternoon in the courtyard, TMA mountain bikers learned a hard lesson when the trails at Fort Dupont were too wet to ride. The clouds lifted for the dynamic duo of Ken and Pat to lead the group in a maintenance and history class.  Wilderness bikers learned about famous cyclists and watched a demo before trying their own hands at changing a flat tire.   Armed with their new history facts, knowledge of the ABC spin check, and tools to change a flat, the bikers took to the trails this past Tuesday for their final session at Fort Dupont Park

Delrico and Ken checking the crank.
Canethia watches carefully how to check the tire.
Joey is pumping it up! Go Joey go!

Missed your chance to get on two wheels?
 Not to worry, there’s a full line-up of summer racing with Trails for Youth and more outdoor activities planned.  Interested in joining the Trails for Youth team over the summer, contact Patrick Childers at race@tfkmetrodc.org.  or see Ms. Gang(rgang@tmapchs.org) in the Programs Office.  

Fort Dupont Park also has free bike rides on the last Saturday of each month.  For more information visit http://www.nps.gov/fodu/planyourvisit/events.htm, contact the Activity center at 202-426-7723 or click here for a downloadable flyer.

 Photos taken by student photographers and Trails for Youth.  Special thanks to the entire team at Trails for Youth: Pat, Ken, May, and Julie for actively supporting TMA's Wilderness crew to overcome obstacles! We look forward to getting back on the trails with you in the Fal!

In the meantime, make the most of your summer and get outside on two wheels!

Also, vote for Trails for Youth's picture of Delrico and help even more students get on bikes!