Wednesday, August 18, 2010

TMA is Getting a New Garden (and so is Savoy!)

Over the course of this summer there has been a lot of construction going on at TMA. Not on a new gym or parking lot, but on a new garden. TMA and our Neighbors A. Kiger Savoy Elementary have agreed to jointly build and maintain a teaching garden on our shared campus.  For the past few weeks, we had a team of  15 youths from the Mayors Green Summer Job Corps preparing our new garden. They tore up thousands of square feet of grass, cut, painted, and assembled wood for raised beds. built a shed, built a greenhouse, moved 40 cubic yards of soil (That's over 3,000 lbs!) and were really sweaty. They got a ton of work done and did an awesome job. Unfortunately the Mayor's Green Summer Job Corps program ended a week early and left us with some work left to do.

You may remember our garden looking like this. 8 raised beds, an herb garden and a few cold frames. Well, the garden will now be significantly bigger. Below is a picture of the garden as it stands right now.

Once construction is finished we will have 16 raised beds, a greenhouse, a 40 foot long raised bed for berries, trees, a butterfly garden, handicap accessible beds, and even an outdoor kitchen to cook up all the fresh produce! Check out the slide-show below to check out all the fun we had this summer, an awesome greenhouse, and some produce on the grill.

I'm out!