Monday, May 17, 2010

Who knew that work could be so much fun?

Last Friday,  95 tenth graders (and one ninth grader!) tied their ties, ironed their blouses, had a cup of coffee while they read the paper, and then headed out for the day. Where were they going? To work, that's where. Each student spent the day with a professional in the D.C. metro area exploring a career that was of interest to them.

Here are a few glimpses of Job Shadow Day:

The Motley Fool: As featured in an earlier post, Malek Latney along with three other students, spent the day at financial services company the Motley Fool. Marquise Williams said his highlight of the day was schoolin' everyone at the free throw challenge in the game room.

From the Motley Fool website: "We've got pool, foos, ping-pong, pop-n-shot, Playstation, Atari, Ms. Pacman and satellite TV. We play at all hours."

Venable LLP: A group of students got to spend the day being schooled by the folks at Venable LLP, an area lawfirm and consistent Job Shadow Day participant.   In addition to learning about topics that I would imagine would include argumentation, tort law, and the monumental complexity of tax law, they also got to try their hand at Bocce on Venables' amazing rooftop court.

How do they get any work done? I have a hard enough time getting work done with mid-day dunk contests distracting me.

Not all students got to break up their busy days with trips to rooftop Bocce courts:

The picture that kicked off this post is of 8 students who spent the day at Foley & Lardner another area law firm. The students got a tour of the firm and spoke with employees from virtually every department, learning that it takes more than just attorneys to run a successful law firm.  This is just part of what Raymond Waugh had to say about his experience: "I would like to visit the firm at least one more time. I cannot explain the amount of knowledge that I gained from visiting [Foley & Lardner]"

Ashia Downing had a great day while she learned what type of work goes on in the social services department at Bread for the City. She spent the day handing out benefits checks with the folks in the Representative Payee program. She left even more enthused at the prospect of a career in social service than when she arrived.

A group of students spent the day at the Depart of Housing and Urban Development in the communications office. They all underwent a media training in HUD's media studio and even made DVD's of their "interviews". Here's a screenshot from LaTrice Clayburn's video:

Below, you'll see a picture of Raynyl Cox, Rashad Hartridge, Dhannell White, Arlene Gibson and Daveania Jones. They spent the day at the Department of Veterans Affairs getting a look at the different departments of the VA. They got to make videos in the media department, took a tour of the VA broadcast offices and met with Alyce Dixon, America's oldest veteran at age 102.


I hope all the students had an awesome day and I'm looking forward to next year's Job Shadow Day. The 9th graders are already asking me about it!


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