Monday, May 3, 2010

Soul of the City Spring Break with India Young

Soul of the City, organized by the Humanities Council of DC, hosted a spring break program for youth in DC. The program invited students to take an incredible journey into the lives of three immigrant communities in Washington D.C. The final result of all of their hard work was a performance about the city's immigrant life. TMA senior, India Young (far left in photo above), participated and I had a chance to speak with her about her experience.

Ms. Gall: Why did you decide to apply for the Soul of the City Spring Break program?
India Young: I like theatre and I didn't have anything else planned. I also received a $100 stipend.

M.G. Tell me about the week.
I.Y. We talked about three different immigrant groups and then we had food that was part of those cultural groups. We did play bills of different stories they told us.

M.G. What was your favorite part of the week?
I.Y. The end performance on the 15th, a lot of people were there and we reviewed all we did during the week and did our final performance.

M.G. Would you recommend this program to future TMA students? Why or why not?
I.Y. Yes, because it gets you out of the house for spring break, you meet new people, you get experience acting, and it's fun!

Thanks to the Humanities Council of DC for hosting such a successful week, and to India Young for representing TMA!

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