Monday, May 10, 2010

Text Alive! in action

While the 10th graders at TMA were busy rockin' the DC CASS, the 12th graders in Ms. Lyons' class were busy with Text Alive! Text Alive! is a program through the Shakespeare Theatre Company where:

  1. Students came together to perform Henry V onstage at the Shakespeare Theatre Company
  2. Students attended a professional performance of Henry V at the Shakespeare Theatre Company AND
  3. Teaching artists will return to the classroom to provide students the opportunity to give feedback on the production and the entire program.
Active participant Janay Jones stated, "My experience with Text Alive! was a good one. EVERYONE did a good job, their acting was great and so were their costumes."

Other students commented that reading, seeing, and acting out Henry V gave them a deeper understanding of the play than they would have received by only reading the play.

Thanks to Ms. Lyons, her students, and the Shakespeare Theatre Company for all of their hard work!

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