Monday, February 1, 2010

TMA students earn their PhDs (Practicing Healthy Decisions)

This past Tuesday, the TMA community gathered in our gym to dance, get their blood pressure taken, learn about safe sex, and even jump rope. What was going on? Students from Kena Allison's health class were putting on the annual TMA health fair, that's what.

The students spent the last semester studying different topics related to personal health and wellness. For their final project they were asked to produce an informational booth or demonstration aimed at teaching those in the TMA community about how to develop and maintain healthy lifestyle habits. The projects would then all be put on display as the annual TMA Health Fair.

During the Health Fair, students could determine their BMI (Body Mass Index),  learn about the importance of getting your blood pressure taken, and even partake in an original cardio routine developed by  the students pictured above. Another room in the gym housed the healthy eating room. Thanks to the generosity of Whole Foods there were fruit salads, fruit cups, and fruit smoothies everywhere!

There were also laughs and smiles everywhere and there was genuine experiential learning taking place. Thanks to Ms. Allison and all her students for giving us all a great way to spend our Tuesday afternoon. Can't wait until next year!

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