Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow storms in DC shut down everything and left the entire district immobilized. And the Green Club grew lettuce.

Three thoughts from the post-blizzard scenes at TMA:

1. Even a few days of 40+ degree weather hasn't cleared much snow. The field, the garden, and the basketball court remain hidden. The headline image is a stark contrast (and not just because of our new sign) to this picture of the same scene from the summer:
 2. All of DC is still buried in three feet of snow.  Schools were shut down.  The Metro stopped service.  But thanks to a few cold frames, the lettuce in our organic garden continued to grow.  See the picture below?  That's two feet of snow there on the left and then, inside the cold frame, that's lettuce.

3. Our green club is awesome.

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  1. I love lettuce and I love the Green Club!