Thursday, February 4, 2010

America's Next Top Blogger - Week Five Winner - Kyle Holley (Again)

Can you believe it? We're already done with our fifth week of this heated competition. This week's topic focused on the recent devastation in Haiti. We at A.N.T.B. asked students to convey their initial reactions and what they feel would be an appropriate response from their communities. We received several stellar responses, though once again Junior Kyle Holley distinguished himself as a standout journalist. Reprinted below is his response:
As the world recovers from the devastating occurrences on the island of Haiti, I myself have mixed feelings. While the general reaction is shock, disbelief, and sympathy for those involved, which in reality is all of us, I find positive strides in the rebuilding processes. In the wake of a nightmare experienced by everyone in Haiti on the afternoon of January 12th, eyes opened to the timely aid of the United States Government, Special Forces and Military. Though an estimated 150,000 people lost their lives in the epic quake and aftershocks that followed, Americans proved strong and true once again, that in times of hardship, we as a people can come together for the greater good.
I believe our government also made a strong statement with their timely response. When I saw the almost immediate action to the victims in Haiti, I instantly thought of the less than urgent response to the victims of the notorious Hurricane Katrina, which slashed through the U.S. soil of New Orleans, only a short five years ago, in August of 2005. The Obama administration's quick relief efforts spoke volumes to me, in reference to the promising direction our country looks to take under this team. I believe this also lead to the speedy reaction of American citizens, with donation text lines and relief effort concerts being organized, just days after this series of misfortune.
Even in the hallways of Thurgood Marshall Academy, steps have been taken through a dress down and supply drive. In the midst of all the bad came a silver lining and I believe that lining stems from our government. A statement was made; and I believe it said, "We stand together and we stand strong."
The standings for America's Next Top Blogger are now: Kyle Holley-2, Nadean Talley-2, and Marcellus Sanders-1. Whoa! Can you feel the heat? This is going to be a race to the finish. Remember, the first blogger to earn three nods for blogger of the week will be crowned America's Next Top Blogger. As always, stay tuned for the newest topic for the week and keep those posts coming.

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