Friday, October 2, 2009

Gym Update #5: The Final Chapter

Things have changed around here since the last few updates on the progress of the gym construction. The facility is (pretty much) up and running--the court is striped, the exercise machines are in place in the fitness room, and someone sprayed the place with that 'new gym' smell. One of the gym classes played an inaugural round of basketball yesterday afternoon. All of the planning and work has really paid off--it's a pretty stylish gymnasium, inside and out. And in about two months, the TMA Warriors will take the court and the Pep Squad will fill the stands. Check out some of the shots from yesterday’s game:


  1. I've never been in the gym, but I'd like to visit it sometime before Thanksgiving break!

  2. Heard It Was Awesome,Cant Wait to See It!!

  3. its really nice in the gym