Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flag Football off to a GREAT START!

Just a few weeks into the 2009 season, the TMA Warriors flag football team seems to be playoff-bound. After an intense week of tryouts, sixteen students were selected to be on the team, and they have surged to a 3-0 record!

They opened the season against Hospitality and won by a shocking 26 points for a final score of 46-20. They won their second game by forfeit, and then, on Monday, they played a close game against Young America Works winning by 4 points for a final score of 16-12. Two-point conversions by Stephon Proctor and James Trice proved to be the difference.

After the game, senior De'Sean Suarez stated, "Winning shows us, as a team, that we worked hard day in and day out to get there." The TMA Warriors sure have a lot to be proud of and we’ll keep you posted during their quest for a championship!


  1. lol i didn't know they were 3-0. When are they going to allow students into the gym just to play ball for fun or just to hang out? its our gym too! :(

  2. I hope we win the championship coach edge and preston work them hard at pratice had them running stairs and laps around the field. I think we are as good has any team in the league

  3. I think that we are as good as any team in the league and if they continue to work hard they are able to win a championship.

  4. Yeah!!! My Man Ridout & Lucas up in dat joint !!!!!!! We Da Best!!!!