Monday, September 28, 2009

Afterschool Clubs Make Us Smile!

We took a few weeks to settle in to a routine. Arrive at school, find locker, learn, find locker, leave. But on September 17th, a whole new world opened up to the students at TMA. Because on that day, we hosted the Clubs Fair!

Organizations and clubs ranging from a Knitting Club to Wilderness Leadership & Learning (WILL) hosted tables to promote their clubs to the students at Thurgood Marshall Academy. When the dust settled, there were over 200 signatures on the various interest forms.

So what will our students do? Here's a potential week of afterschool activities for a TMA student:

Monday - Yoga with Ms. Peterson. Learning basic relaxation techniques and early yoga positions, student finds his inner OM.
Tuesday - Drum Empowerment Club. In a circle of students, she drums and laughs and drums some more.
Wednesday - Teen Action. This community service club gives the student a chance to leave the building and perform service in the DC area.
Thursday - Debate Team. Honing her argumentation skills, she gets this months debate topic (Health Care reform) and practices her public speaking.
Friday - Film Club. Students choose the movie. They watch together and discuss afterward. First film on the marquee? Slum Dog Millionaire. He watches, relaxes, and hopes the film has a happy ending.

And that's why clubs make us smile.


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  2. Its funny because I think I signed up for too many clubs this year. There is so much pressure on me to exceed in all of them. It just makes me really stressed. But I can say that I am happy to be in Debate this year again. Also, you alll should do a post about the WILL program. I really had a great time on Saturday with the program and I am so happy I joined.

  3. 'ya know, Shamir looks REEEEAAAALLLLLYYY happy! lol.

  4. I signed up for almost everything. Oh yea SASS and Teen Action is great!!!