Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What do students REALLY think about Law Firm Tutoring....???

Law Firm Tutoring is off to a GGGGGRRRRRREAT start! Last week I had the delightful experience of visiting Crowell & Moring during Law Firm Tutoring. During my visit I was able to experience Law Firm Tutoring up-close and personal. I sat down with a few students to learn more, and here is what they had to say:

BG: Tell me about the Law Firm you attend each week for tutoring.

John Brinson: It is in a tall building and is nice! The food is also good!
Kary Eyo: It is VERY NICE!
Larry Smith: The building is really big and nice. I have never seen the building dirty or disorganized.
Kayla Murrell: It is clean, has good food, and we have individual tutors to attend to our needs.
Chelsea Tesheira: It's pretty grand.

BG: What is
your favorite part of Law Firm Tutoring?

Karey Eyo: I get to interact with tutors and enjoy the assistance I get.
Larry Smith: The food and my mentor.
Kayla Murrell: The food (she laughs), but I also like getting homework done!
Chelsea Tesheira: Getting to know adults that like the same things as me.

BG: What class, or assignments, has your tutor helped you with?

John Brinson: Algebra 2
Karey Eyo: Pre-Calculus and Spanish 3
Larry Smith: DC Achievers Essay
Kayla Murrell: Intro. to Law and AP US History
Chelsea Tesheira: Just about every class I take

BG: Tell me about a fun or interesting conversation you had with your tutor.

John Brinson: He went to Mount Everest to climb and made it half way.
Karey Eyo: We talked about the kind of music we like.
Kayla Murrell: They told me about themselves and they have interesting backgrounds.
Chelsea Tesheira: One of my tutors' sons is in a commercial for Dave and Busters!

BG: What skills are you learning from your tutor that may help you out later in life, after high school?

John Brinson: The difference between two and too.
Karey Eyo: The ability to write effectively.
Larry Smith: Computer skills
Kayla Murrell: Communication and how to interact with others.
Chelsea Tesheira: Study techniques and time management.

BG: We all know you get a delicious dinner each week, what has been your favorite meal so far?

John Brinson: Chinese
Karey Eyo: Pizza
Larry Smith: Chinese
Kayla Murrell: Chinese and Potbelly's
Chelsea Tesheira: Chinese

So there you have it.... the inside scoop on Law Firm Tutoring. We are looking forward to sharing more with you soon.

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  1. It's great to see you all starting great, new relationships with adults who can hopefully help you with job searches (and hopefully a hook up!) later in life. Make a great impression on them, it will impact those lawyers' lives too!