Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Mentor Program has left the station

Without fail these three things happen at the first mentor day of each year:
1. An adult is seen running through the school like a teenager.
2. A teenager finds himself or herself showing off the school like a seasoned tour guide.
3. People leave with a sense of purpose and possibility.
As of Saturday, each of these has happened again. Matches have been made anew, and the 2009-2010 Mentor Program is officially underway. Over 130 participants braved the cold and the rain to meet each other and partake in some tried and true get-to-know-you games. We laughed, we quizzed, we scavenged. And I learned a ton...

Amy Asheroff once dressed as a wall for Halloween. John Tucker's favorite book is The Autobiography of Malcolm X and Destinee Wilson's role model is Queen Elizabeth. Karen Todd would like to fly, and almost everyone loves popcorn at the movies. Another favorite movie snack? Sour Skittles.

But mentor-mentee shared desire for taste-bud torture is nothing compared to the shared ability to recall this information. And folks didn't simply shine at Quiztal City. They trekked to U Street/Searchozo and crushed the scavenger hunt. Found Arne Duncan. Found Frederick Douglass' house. Found student assignments in student lockers. Left U Street, and went to Windyfront to run around in circles. And every single pair found its way to World Wide Webley Park/National Zoo to exchange e-mails and make plans. Look for some updates on mentor/mentee outings in the near future.

A few of the matches even left with $20 gift cards to use on an outing. And, while cleaning up, I found a few more. We are going to give away a $20 gift card to the first mentor-mentee pair to EACH post a comment on this blog. There will ALSO be a prize for best overall post. Some ideas for posting:

What do YOU remember from the first mentor day?
Where will you guys spend your first outing?
Which activity was your favorite?
What website (include a link!) has been helpful in planning outings?


  1. Yay for the Mentor Program! Destinee and I successfully met up thanks to my purple shirt and her beautiful hazel eyes and matching coat. We proceeded to find out we had much in common: A passion for ballet, a little sibling six years younger, affinity for movies (though I choose popcorn and she springs for nachos) and a love of the outdoors.

    One of these months we're going to go kayaking, but we'll wait until the weather is reliably warm. Destinee also has set out to teach me not to be afraid of riding a bike, an activity we hope to do together in the spring. Until then, we're going to satisfy our curiosity by heading to the Spy Museum!

    And, since we'd both rather give up fast food than dessert, we'll probably find opportunities to bake cookies and eat cupcakes, too!

    Our first Mentor Day together was so much fun: She knew the school inside and out for the scavenger hunt (our favorite activity) and remembered all my answers to the Quiztal City questions! Here's to many more fun Mentor Days to come!

  2. I loved the first mentor day of the year (how could anyone not??) I would say that Nye'al and I probably had the most fun with the scavenger hunt - and we discovered our competitive side in common during that one... :) I could not be more excited for our year together - she is passionate, independent and so outgoing. It was also fantastic to see all of the other mentors and mentees from last year!

    We discovered that neither of us has been to the Newseum so that's at the top of the list for outings... but later in the day I learned that she had never carved a pumpkin before so our first activity will be jackolanterns and pumpkin bread baking at my apartment! We'll also watch the Twilight movie - which she hasn't seen yet - in the spirit of spookiness. We've also talked about going shopping in Georgetown, riding bikes in Rock Creek Park, and exploring American U.'s campus over the next few months.

    can't wait for our first solo day together and for mentor day next month - good to be back!

  3. I am SO excited to be part of Thurgood Marshall's Mentor Program; the first Mentor Day was a blast. Kyvonne, my mentee, and I hit it off immediately and quickly realized we had many similarities and interests(shopping, music,family, psychology, Sprint cell-phone service, and that we'd rather give up fast food than dessert). Kudos to Scott & Team for the match!

    Kyvonne guided me throughout the school and introduced me to her friends. We look forward to getting to know each other throughout the year and going to places like Pentagon City Mall, Madam Tussands, Meridian Park, and maybe even getting our nails done together.

  4. The first mentor day was great! Joyce and I had alot of fun, even though we weren't the first to complete the scavenger hunt. We got to know each other a little while we were there and we text each other almost everyday for daily check-ins.

    I am anxiously awaiting our first outting on Saturday to Pentagon City Mall. I can't wait to spend some money and get to know my mentor better.

  5. We have a winner! You four are all awesome. Joyce and Kyvonne, I'll be sure to have your prize on November 14 (our next mentor day).

    Of course, having a winner doesn't mean the dialogue (list of monologues?) has to stop. Does it?

  6. I truly enjoyed the first mentor day. I could not have asked for anything more. Amber and i are the perfect match! Even down to us being the only children. I think that the activities that were set up truly gave the mentors and mentees a chance to know each other and find out things that we normally would not have on our own. It was also the perfect day to stay inside (due to the weather) so that worked out perfectly.

    I can't wait to meet up with her on our own time so that we can really build a relationship and form a bond outside of TMA. I know that this is going to be a great year and am elated for all that it has in store. I'm not exactly sure how many schools in the DMV area participate in this type of program but i believe that it is something that not only makes a difference but brings a level of fulfillment that things in our everyday life do not. Can't wait until the next time!

  7. Pure joy!! First time doing this type of program and I'm sure it was a great decision. Malek and I had a great time at the Natural History Musuem. There's some pretty neat things in there. If you haven't been before make sure you go. It will blow your mind!!! Check out the diamonds and the Giant squid. Bring comfortable shoes and a huge stone... for status (trust me, you'll figure it out once you're there)

    - Darryl

  8. Though my mentor was unable to come to the first event I still enjoyed myself. I have spoken to her and we plan on doing great things together. She will help me set my priorities straight, as to help me to reach my goals properly. This is going to be an awesome experience and I would like to give a special thanks to the programs office! YAY TMA...

  9. The mentor program is a great way for you to get to know other people that share some of the same intrest with you. Im glad I got a mentor and this is my second year with her (Gizele)and I love her cause she is there for me when I need some one to talk to outside of my family.