Thursday, October 29, 2009

Have you ever seen a zombie play football?

At tenth grade lunch I got to see a zombie play QB, which was pretty sweet.

I got to see Michael Jackson's signature leg kick...

.....then I got to see MJ tie his shoe. Even better!

Madea made an appearance, thank goodness she got out of jail and made it back in time for her class reunion. That wig is great.


  1. Everyone looks amazing! I hope Markiano preformed his full Billy Jean dance.

  2. wow nice costume i like to zombie outfit very creative he even looked like a real zombie and the mj outfit was just to cute

  3. These photos look amazing! My favorite is the Medea because she always has her piece of steel lol.! The zombie is very unique coming back to life playing football as the quarter back.! Then we got Michael Jackson because he's a smooth criminal.!