Wednesday, October 14, 2009

TMA Kicks Off Local Flavor Week!

During the week of Sept. 15th, schools around the District participated in Local Flavor Week, a celebration of produce grown in and around D.C. Because of our involvement with the growing of, and advocacy for organic local produce, TMA was chosen to host the kick-off event for Local Flavor Week.

Over 60 people including students, faculty, and representatives from both the USDA and the Office of the State Superintendent for Education gathered in our cafeteria to witness culinary feats of skill. Two local chefs, Peter Smith of PS7's and
chef Oliver Friendly of Eat and Smile Foods
were invited to come to TMA and stage a cook off. The challenge?

To make the best tasting salsa using produce from our Green Club's very own organic garden.
Two students, Parris Robertson and Nikishia Clark, were outstanding in their dual roles as MC's and Sous Chefs. They took turns doing play-by-play, color commentary, and finally 'plating' the finished products for all to taste.

Once the tasting was completed, audience members had to decide whose dish would wi
n; The fiery one from Chef Smith or the sweet, fruity one from Chef Friendly. When the dust had settled and the votes were counted the tally was 29-28...Chef Smith had won by one vote!

After the winner was declared, there were some leftovers that had to be put to good use...Who doesn't like watermelon?

Until we meet again...happy trails to you.


  1. I was here! The food was good! One of the salsa's was too fruity and not spicy enough!

  2. This program was amazing. I really enjoyed the entire thing. I voted for chef Smith. I think both chefs really enjoyed the program.

  3. I was on of the MC's and of course my chef won. I really enjoyed myself helping and MCing. The food was great and will love to go visit his resturant or use the other chefs catering business.

  4. I witnessed this astonding entertainment!!
    Both chef's were great and the food was awesome.
    Oliver Friendly won the contest because I did not cast my ballot. But, Peter Smith did an okay job...

  5. that food actually looks healthier. i wish you could have did that when i was there. keep up the healthy work

    Arabia Lewis

  6. this is very interesting food being eaten from our garden gross,weird, but very cool

  7. i am so press because i am a intern at restaurant. I go there every Saturday. I got the intern by putting myself on the spot. Chef Smith has a nice restaurant and he has wonderful workers in the kitchen.