Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mia Logan reviews Walter Dean Myers

Eds. Note: The following write-up is from TMA librarian Cary Hanson.  If you have a question, need a book, or are interested in submitting your own review, please e-mail her:

Read a good book lately?

Some books at the TMA library are so good, you have to get on a waiting list to check them out. Which books grab students and keep them up late at night when they should be doing their homework? Before winter break, we asked students to submit reviews for their favorite TMA library books that they have read for fun. Among the excellent submissions was Mia Logan’s review of Street Love by Walter Dean Myers, which she highly recommends:
I picked up this book and thought to myself that maybe I could feel what the characters were feeling based on what I read on the back of the book….This book is about the realistic drama on the street and at home, and it tells a gripping story. The main plot is about two young girls living with their grandmother because their mother is in prison for selling drugs on the street. The older sister meets a young teenage boy who is willing to put everything behind him and be with her while she takes care of her little sister….This book is written in poems that rhyme that show the experiences these young teens went through.

Check out what else Mia has to say about this dramatic story by clicking below!

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