Friday, January 15, 2010

a cool day for the mentor program

As the pictures above indicate, the Mentor Program spent our most recent outing skating on the National Mall. Some highlights...
  • Natalia Dunlap and Ayana Bell pursued the buses for miles from the school to the rink, finally catching up, enjoying the day, and even taking in an afternoon film once Mentor Day was over.
  • Ashley Everett went from being a slight liability to a full-fledged Olympic skater.
  • Mache Chase took advantage of friendly hands at every turn.
  • Dream Jackson and Kyle Morean each performed triple axels (Kyle's got nothing on Dream's gracefulness).
  • Ta'Zhaun Hunter broke the sound barrier.
  • Maurice Ogletree taught his Mentor Wrede Smith how to perform an ice jump.
  • Nia Boxley guided Yaida Ford on at least one full loop.
  • Derrick Souder took some phenomenal photos.  All but four from the slide show are his!
  • We all had fun, got numb, fell down, and were helped up before the end of the day.
  • Have some of your own recollections? Write a comment below!

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  1. Ice skating with Destinee was so much fun! We were both a bit tentative at first, but with the help of friends, we each managed to make it around the rink several times, with big smiles on our faces!