Wednesday, January 20, 2010

America's Next Top Blogger - Week Four Winner - Marcellus Sanders!

This week, we asked students to provide their thoughts on the Gilbert Arenas situation.  Student responses ranged vastly, split nearly 50/50 among students who felt that Arenas had been unfairly punished and those who felt the league's actions were justified. This week's standout reaction came from sophmore Marcellus Sanders, who took a legalistic approach at explaining why he felt the punishment was undue. Attached below are his words:
I don't think his punishment is fair because they haven't finished investigating the situation and according to the law, "a suspect is innocent until proven guilty." If he hasn't been proven, why should he be reprimanded for his actions?
I feel that David Stern is making a little situation big because if the guns weren't loaded then he intended to do no harm to Crittendon. The only reason Gilbert was doing the six finger gun-shots in the warm-up is so they could get focused on the game and not let the investigation distract them. So far, he hasn't let this distract him because he scored 26 points on Saturday and he commented after the game about the situation being a distraction. "If you want it to be, there is. Not with me."
The scores for America's Next Top Blogger are now as follows: Nadean Talley - 2, Kyle Holley - 1, and Marcellus Sanders - 1. Please keep a look out for this week's topic about your reaction to the earthquake in Haiti. Keep blogging, Warriors.

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