Tuesday, January 12, 2010

America's Next Top Blogger-Week Three Winner-Nadean Talley...Again!!

She's done it again. Nadean Talley has come out on top in the competition to become America's Next Top Blogger. This week's topic?, "Tell us about your New Year's resolution"  Nadean was up against some fierce competition including outstanding prose from Kyle Holley and poignant insight provided by Courtney Jones. Nadean's combination of sober reflection and matter-of-fact humor elevated her entry above the others, making her our first repeat winner. Here is Nadean's entry in it's entirety:

New Year's Resolution
My New Year's resolution is to stop procrastinating. Usually if I get a project, I'd probably wait until the last few days to do it, this leaves me cramming all due work into slots and most of the time I end up turning one or two assignments in late. It slows me down, plus, it stresses me out. Stress leads to pimples, and pimples + High School is not a good look.
I would rather do my work on time, check it and make sure it's right and get full credit for it than just do it late, cram it and just accept lesser or half credit. I think it will help improve my grades and reduce stress from so much work. So far, it works!

By earning her second victory, Nadean has brought herself within one win of becoming America's Next Top Blogger and winning a spot as a staff writer here at The Other 17 Hours. But don't get complacent Nadean, there are plenty of young and hungry writers out there, ready to take the title. Until Next week: Congratulations Nadean!

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