Thursday, January 7, 2010

mentors, mentees, movies, and mindful discussion

The December Mentor Day featured a trip to the beautiful AFI theater in Silver Spring for a private screening of Made in LA, a documentary film about garment workers in Los Angeles.  In the film, the garment workers join together to protest unjust practices used by the clothing store Forever 21 and ultimately win a settlement from the store.  Shot over a period of almost two years, the film served as a nice reminder that change happens slowly.

With the film as motivation, mentors and mentees returned to the school and discussed ways that they could get involved in issues that concern them.  Our April Mentor Day will be focused on service, and the post-movie discussions will likely serve as a foundation for our work.  They even took notes!

We have now had three Mentor Days and we would like to recognize the 19 pairs who have attended all three.  Thank you thank you thank you to these 38 committed participants:
Jameka Anderson and Amy Asheroff
Tamara Brown and Katie Shay
LaQuan Butler and Kimberly Smith
Gianna Canada and Sonia Bacchus
Nia Crawley and Angela Clark
Amber Dixon and Anastasia Brown
Aris Ellison and YaVonne DuBose
Alexis Fenwick and Alexis Gutierrez
Allanxandria Hall and Kristen Aiken
Daveania Jones and Angela Chandler
Courtney Jones and Karen Todd
Malek Latney and Darryl Stevens
Salihah Muhammad and Michelle Morant
Imani Newborn and Patty Kersting
Maurice Ogletree and Wrede Smith
Marcelleus Sanders and Darryl Maxwell
Shayla Simms and Amanda Beaumont
Kyvonne Williams and Joyce Dubin
Nye'al Wise and Emily Berman
This Saturday we will head to the skating rink located on the Downtown Mall for some good cold fashion fun.  Mentor and mentees...see you soon!

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  1. There's my awesome mentee!! Great photo, Ashley :)