Thursday, March 25, 2010

Want to Start a School Garden? Ask Keith Jenkins!

I was just sent the following blog post from our friends at Washington Youth Garden (They're pretty awesome!!). The Alliance for Climate Education sought the advice of our very own Keith Jenkins on how to start a school garden. What follows is a small excerpt:

"Keith Jenkins started a garden at his high school, Thurgood Marshall Academy (TMA) in Washington, DC, through TMA’s Green Club. They began by finding empty space in their schoolyard, asked the administrators if they could start a garden bed, and before they knew it, the garden had dozens of beds filling the yard of the school. Keith knew it was important to find enough dedicated students to help build the garden bed and take care of the plants. He and the Green Club also improved....."

See the  entire post here. It's great! It has a picture of our garden!

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