Thursday, March 11, 2010

America's Next Top Blogger - Week 6 - We Have a Winner!

After weeks of suspense, nail-biting anxiety and immeasurable excitement, America's Next Top Blogger has finally crowned a winner. The winning submission came this week, when we in the Programs Office asked students, as a way to reflect on Black History Month, to write a letter to a contemporary or historical Black figure who has made an impact on their lives. Kyle Holley's entry, a letter to Jay-Z, earned him a third weekly nod and, consequently, the distinction of America's Next Top Blogger. His letter is reprinted below:

Dear Mr. Shawn Corey Carter aka Jay-Z,

As Black History Month came to a calm close, I began to think about my future. While in thought, I mulled over qualities that I want and need to have in order to reach my goals. Words like composure, intelligence, focus and distinction came to mind. As I pondered upon these qualities, names began to come to mind of people who I felt embodied these things and were successful. Of those, your name surfaced to the top. I feel you embody most of the words that came to mind. Your complete package as both an entertainer and businessman has heightened each world tremendously. Just to list half of those would consume this page!

But when asked to write to an individual that you feel impacted your life and black history as a whole, I feel your name is inevitable. I aspire to be a great man, that contributed in a remarkable way to the world and I feel you have showed me a few ways to do so simply through your actions. So, thank you and please continue to script the "blueprint" to success for people like myself to observe and draw from. Your presence is appreciated.

Kyle Holley

And like that, The Other 17 Hours officially has a new staff blogger. Kyle's posts will appear throughout the course of the year. His consistency and drive throughout the course of the competition has earned him this well-deserved distinction, as well as the much-desired hardware (pictured). We would, however, be remiss not to mention the numerous other contributors and entrants to the contest. We would especially like to congratulate Nadean Talley, Marcellus Sanders, and Courtney Jones who all consistently impressed us with their efforts. Stay tuned for upcoming special competitions and opportunities for student posts!

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