Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Text Alive - 12th Graders learning about Shakespeare

On Wednesday, March 17th the entire 12th grade class of TMA had an adventure in downtown DC to watch the Shakespeare Theatre's performance of Henry V. The students had extensively studied the play as part of their English coursework with Ms. Lyons. Watching the play was one of the beginning steps of the Text Alive! program. The Text Alive! program invites public school students and teachers in grades 9-12 from DC, Maryland and Virginia to explore the themes, complex characters and language in William Shakespeare’s plays. In April, students will have the opportunity to act out scenes from Henry V with the support of the Shakespeare Theatre Company. Senior Shavari Cox had the following to say about the field trip:
Henry V is what we will soon be performing in April. But on Wednesday March 17th all of the seniors took a trip to the Shakespeare Theatre Company to see Henry V be performed. So exciting, I was really into it! Seeing the play gave me and my classmates ideas on how to better our performance. It was entertaining, some parts even made you jump out of your seats.

My favorite part was the marriage between Catherine and Henry V, also the part when the French and English men were preparing for the war. Did I dislike anything about the play? No, I really enjoyed watching it, it was not boring or anything.
Thanks to the Shakespeare Theatre Company, and Shavari Cox for sharing her reflections! We will keep you updated on their upcoming performance in April!

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