Monday, January 14, 2013

The RoboWarriors Finish Strong in First Round of Competition!

The Thurgood Marshall Academy Robotics Team, the RoboWarriors, have completed their first round of qualifying matches.


Last Saturday, the team embarked on a journey that began with a 5:30am meeting in room 103. The few, the proud, and the brave (Demetria House, Kaneshia House, Stewart Gray, and Keneon Williams) walked in the dense morning fog to make it to TMA before heading to the US Naval Academy for robot inspection, panel presentations, robot re-inspection, and qualifying matches, accompanied by Vee Nguyen and LaRita Williams, team advisers.  

(The following students were not on the competition team but have worked to create the robot.

1. Jordan Morrison
2. Darren Moore
3. Eric Izzard
4. Carlos McKnight
5. Chris Ridout
6. Jasmin Thomas)
Please congratulate our Robotics team for winning 3 of 6 qualifying matches.  The final rank for the day was 10 out of 27, where those teams ahead of us were previous champions, including last year's world champions.  Our competition team remained strong even in the face of a 14 hour day (including traveling).  We walked in with a deficit as we were not prepared to have our robot run autonomously, but the team worked together between matches to make changes and improve the robot.  The students were in awe of the beauty of Annapolis and took some amazing pictures. 

Thanks to all who've supported our team this year!

Please congratulate our RoboWarriors for a job well done and stay tuned for details of the next competition on February 9, 2013.

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