Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Law Day

On Friday, January 25th, students attended their third Law Day program, in which 9th grade students travel to local law firms and learn about legal concepts from practicing attorneys! Half of the 9th grade class went to Hogan Lovells and the remaining students were split between Latham & Watkins and Foley & Lardner.

Students left TMA for their respective law firms at 12:30. Once they arrived at the law firms, students split into smaller groups and participated in a discussion on individual rights led by a few attorneys. The students learned how to discuss the basic individual rights protected by our legal system and understood that individual rights can come into conflict. For example, students were tasked with narrowing down the many rights afforded Americans and protected by the Constitution to the three rights that they believe are the most fundamental. Many groups agreed that the right not to be made a slave, the freedom of speech, and freedom of religion are some of our most important individual rights. Students also engaged in a role playing exercise, based off of an actually Supreme Court case, about protests at military funerals. Our students left this exercise with a strong knowledge of how the right to privacy, freedom of religion, right to peaceably assemble, and freedom of speech can sometimes come in conflict with one another.

Despite the cold and snow, the third law day was a great success. A special thanks to the chaperones and volunteers at the firms of Hogan Lovells, Latham & Watkins and Foley & Lardner!

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