Thursday, May 24, 2012

Guest Bloggers Kijon James and Imani Scriber on the 5th Annual Spanish Fair!

Pura Vida: The Pure Life Comes to TMA 

By Kijon James and Imani Scriber

With singing, dancing, food, music, and games, there's plenty to capture one’s eye at the Spanish Fair! The various culture-based activities of TMA’s Spanish Fair makes you want to travel to another country. Between the professional and student performances, the fair showcased a clear view on the various exciting things to do and experience within the Spanish culture.

Student performances at the Spanish Fair.
The Spanish fair is an annual program put together by TMA students and staff in the Spanish department. Students and staff put in their best efforts to decorate and coordinate the fair and do a swell job every year without fail. The Spanish fair has always been a unforgettable highlight during the TMA school year and this year was no different!
Ms. Garcia poses for the camera!

“My favorite part of the Spanish fair was the performances. I always enjoy seeing my classmates relate their everyday talents to Spanish culture” –Imani Scriber (11th grade)

“I enjoyed learning about the different aspects of Spanish culture in the culture room, it introduced me to things that I didn’t realize about the culture. Plus, the food was GREAT!” –Kijon James (11th grade)

TMA 11th grader Kijon James
These are typical responses to the TMA annual Spanish fair. It surely makes people come to life!

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