Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Guest Blogger Rushawna May on "Difference Day at TMA!"

Students and Counselor Kelly Paul decorate Difference Day shirts in the cafeteria. 
The first ever Difference Day here at TMA is brought to you by the after school clubs Connections (which meets every other Wednesday ) and ADL (meets every Monday). These two clubs take a huge stance against discrimination and bullying and strongly believe that each person is equal and unique in their own way. This event is for the students and also staff members who want to show off and take pride in what makes them different or what simply makes them stand out in the crowd.

Starting on Monday April 23rd, students and staff were able to decorate free shirts that celebrated what makes them unique. On Tuesday, May 1st, in the cafeteria, students and staff will be able to write what makes them different on posters that will be hung around the school building.

Whether you're proud of being a nerd, being popular, weird, skinny, fat and more...Flaunt It! Grab your T-shirt (if you made one) and show off what's special about you!

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