Friday, January 6, 2012

There’s Lots of Work to do in the Garden, Even in the Cold!

This Thursday, students showed up to Green Club for a snack and a quick lesson on crop harvesting and berry pruning, then, braving the cold temperature, Green Club bundled up and headed out.

Green Club still had a lot to do to prepare for next season’s planting, including pulling up and composting dead plants, weeding, pruning berries, cleaning out the shed, planting cover crops and moving cold frames. 

After a couple of hours of work, Green Club had cleared out most of the garden and gotten a great head start on the spring season. Over the next few weeks, Green Club will work on planting cover crops and mulching the raised beds and fruit trees. 

Upcoming events include speakers from around DC, a field trip to see “Cafeteria Man,” a new documentary about healthy food in schools, and a possible cooking lesson…stay tuned or stop by Green Club’s next meeting (every Thursday at 3:45) for more information!

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  1. Great to see Green Club getting out to see Cafeteria Man, and cooking. The garden looks great, even in the winter!