Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Showcase for Healthy Advice

There was
a flurry of excitement in the air in the gym on Tuesday afternoon as ninth and twelfth grade advisories visited the health fair presented by Mr. Barton and students in health classes. Students learned about a variety of topics including how to read food labels, drugs, Body Mass Index, obesity, and careers in health. Many of the booths featured interactive activities tests, including blood pressure and the student favorite “drunk goggles,” designed to simulate blurred vision due to alcohol and challenges students to walk a straight line.
Freshman Reonte Walker attempts to walk straight while wearing alcohol goggles.
In preparation for exams, students could also learn about different coping mechanisms for stress and try out progressive relaxation, a deep muscle relaxation technique that can be practiced lying down or sitting in a chair. Just a few minutes of series of tightening then relaxing muscles can be effective in reducing tension and anxiety!

Erica Kelly and ShaRhonda Lewis offer coping mechanisms for countering stress.

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