Wednesday, November 2, 2011

TMA Unplugged: Blazing Trails in the Great Outdoors

After a surprisingly snowy Saturday, the sun broke out in full force through the autumn leaves this past Sunday afternoon as fearless members of TMA Unplugged: The Wilderness Club set out for a hike in Rock Creek Park. Starting at the Park’s nature center, the group set off for a trail head hidden behind the horse center and riding ring. Seeing the horses were a telling preview of the first foot on the trail. The first half-mile a steep downhill challenged the TMA trailblazers to maneuver around piles of horse manure and carefully place each step. The route then traversed along Rock Creek leading to a bridge back onto Beach Drive. In the spirit of Halloween, the path veered outside the park for a visit to Battleground National Cemetery, a burial ground for Civil War Union soldiers who fought at nearby Fort Stevens. Students relished the opportunity for a bonus and Halloween-inspired history lesson while munching on Halloween treats and their homemade GORP.

After leaving the cemetery, the hearty trailblazers returned to the park and followed a different uphill route to return to the nature center. Special guests on the outing included mentors (and former TMA teacher) Mr. Kaplan and Devin Johnson, Mr. Campot, and Riggs, the Wilderness Club’s resident mascot (pictured below).

Interested in exploring the great outdoors in DC and beyond? Join the Wilderness Club for breakfast every Friday at 8 AM and help to plan the next outing!

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  1. The hike was long, but fun. We were tired, but revived by Ms Gang's treats (Oreo's and Candy Corn)!

    Mr Kaplan and Mr Johnson provided us with entertainment and nice conversation. Thanks for joining us!

    Ms Campot's dog was unbelievably furry and soft (and a little grouchy at first).

    We lucked out with perfect fall weather.

    Join us on our next trip!

    - TMA Unplugged