Monday, November 14, 2011

Law Firm Tutoring Highlight: Crowell & Moring

DaQuan Gunn works on homework
 With eight weeks under their belts, TMA’s 11th grade class continues to excel at the Law Firm Tutoring program each Tuesday. This past Tuesday, students who attend Crowell & Moring arrived at the firm and sat down to dinner (some of them already working on homework!). Once their tutors arrived, students and tutors turned their minds to essays, history projects, close readings of poetry, and math homework.

Monee Ford and her tutor
Each student at Crowell & Moring is paired with 2-3 tutors who rotate each week; often, students will have two tutors helping them! Students and tutors at the firm usually sit side-by-side at small tables, so that the two are working together to help students improve. Throughout the session, students and tutors talked both about homework and life outside of LFT, with tutors explaining their day-to-day work at Crowell & Moring, and students discussing classes and TMA’s social life.

Charell Williams gets some help from a tutor
After another successful evening of tutoring, students waited at the elevator to head back down to the bus. “I really like coming here,” said Tabria Green, “I get more work done here than I would at school!”

Charell Williams agreed: “It’s better when there’s someone right there to help you with your work!”

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