Friday, October 21, 2011

Doors Opening: Mentor Program 2011

The excitement in the air was palpable last Saturday morning at TMA as 60 new mentor pairs met each other for the first time. Joining 20 returning mentor pairs, all students and their mentors spent a fun-filled day together. TMA students and mentors participated in a Metro-themed series of activities and made stops in different rooms where they participated in a scavenger hunt (U Street Searchozo), planned their first outing together (World Wide Webly Park), interviewed each other and then participated in a quiz game (Quiztal City) and then played teambuilding games including the human knot (Fort Knotten). The day culminated with a cookout where family members gathered to meet students’ mentors.

Look for another Mentor Program update in November. The next Mentor Day is November 19th!

Mentor Rafia Zahir-Uddin and mentee Derricka Black at Quiztal City.

Mentor Omar Newland and mentee Malik Clark after planning their first outing at World Wide Webly Park.

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