Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TMA Versus the Composter

If you peer out the windows of TMA, or sneak a glance through the sunflowers along the school fence, you might catch a glimpse of a recent garden arrival: bright orange pumpkins!!! After growing all summer, the pumpkins are almost ready to be harvested. 

And pumpkins are only one of many vegetable denizens of the TMA garden—this past week TMA students harvested sunflower seeds, basil, bell peppers, chilies, raspberries, carrots, eggplant, and watermelon. 

“The garden is awesome, and even though people don’t believe we grow stuff, we really do!” said TMA 9th grader Michaelann Henderson. 

Another new addition to the garden may be a bit more difficult to see, but they’ll be working harder than anyone else to improve the soil—WORMS!!! The worm compost has started up again this year, expediting the composting process for the fall and winter. 

Speaking of compost, Green Club has also been assembling the new compost tumbler, which will allow TMA to begin composting more of its green waste, reducing the school’s waste and carbon footprint while improving the garden’s soil! 

Members of Green Club are already prepping for the next planting cycle, which will include lettuce and other greens such as kale and spinach, beets, cabbage, and carrots. If you have a green thumb, or want to learn the basics of organic gardening (or are an experienced compost-tumbler assembler), join Green Club every Thursday as we begin our semester of work in the garden!

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  1. Horray Green Club! The Garden Looks great, even saw some monarch larva in the garden on Monday. So much life out there, keep it up!