Friday, September 23, 2011

TMA Media Reboots, Shuffles

Newspaper tycoon William Randolph Heart once said: “If you make a product good enough … the public will make a path to your door … But if you want the public in sufficient numbers, you better construct a highway.”

TMA students broke ground on their own journalism highway on Tuesday at the first meeting of the newly formed Media Club. The group will augment publication of the monthly newspaper, The TMA Brief, with podcasting, photography, videography and daily reporting on every aspect of TMA activity. Look out for sports, news, commentary, investigative writing and multimedia production from the school’s best and brightest.

Students looking to join this media conglomerate at the ground level can attend next week’s meeting after school on Thursday, September 29 in Room 104. See Mr. Bein or Mr. Corcoran for details.

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  1. Can't wait to read and listen to it all. I hope the Queen and Mickey show is back for more this year.