Friday, October 22, 2010

AP US Visits Mt. Vernon

Last Wednesday, students from Mr. Rohal’s AP US History class visited George Washington’s home at Mt. Vernon. With the second major test of the course looming later in the week, the trip served as a concrete review of the events preceding and surrounding the American Revolution.

Students came equipped with information concerning Washington’s life and shared their expertise with other visitors. Mr. Rohal was impressed with his group. “Students ‘met’ Dr. James Craik, George Washington's personal physician, and asked him about how Washington treated his slaves,” he explained, “they really pressed him about why Washington didn't free the slaves himself.”

Above, a video of Dr. Craik answering students' questions.

The class also had a chance to see all aspects of Washington’s plantation, including slave cabins, blacksmiths at work, gardens (complete with cotton plants), playful animals, and the home itself, with its wondrous views over the Potomac.

Junior Courtney Jones said her favorite part of the trip was “the museum. Everywhere I looked I saw something I remembered learning in class. The trip made everything easier to understand. I also liked seeing the slave memorial but I was surprised by how many slaves Washington owned.” Courtney also liked the sheep: “I had never seen any before. Their little baaa noise was cute.”

Mr. Rohal said the group received a number of compliments from the guides and other visitors at Mount Vernon about how knowledgeable and impressive TMA's students were on the trip.

Below, George Washington poses with students.

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