Thursday, April 22, 2010

Who's good? Thurgood coaches!

Last week, TMA hosted our annual athletic awards banquet. It was a great opportunity to celebrate all of our student-athletes. Our students are a remarkable group - dedicated, passionate, and fair. They deserve all of the accolades bestowed upon them.

But this brief post is about their coaches. During the banquet, one player on each team took a minute to say "thanks" to their coaches (see picture above) and this is just an attempt to publish the sentiment.

While students work to develop character, the coaches are there to guide them. They conduct 7:00 AM practices. They are with our students in study halls and on the bus after late-night games. They are there on weekends and in the middle of the school day. It is hard to imagine a more demanding job than that of a high school teacher and coach, and yet each of these folks engage in the task with a full heart and a warm smile.

Many thanks to the following coaches for making sure that our school develops more complete young people.
  • Athletic Director - Michelle Thompson
  • Football- Randy Preston and Stephen Edge
  • Cheerleading- Zabrina Ames, Renee Short and Zach Singletary
  • Volleyball- Marielys Garcia and Tara Allen
  • Girls Basketball- Mel Alston and Mike Somerville
  • Boys Basketball- Mike Hendricks and George McCullough

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