Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Address to the Senior Class

Back in August of 2009, the seniors at Thurgood Marshall were gearing up for an exciting door to their life. This door both closes their time as High School students, as well as opens the door to a bright future filled with college success stories.

Although the future looks bright, the road along the way has been a bit bumpy. Many students have stressed over which schools to apply to, who got accepted where, scholarships, FAFSA, family, friends, and on top of all of that, MORE SCHOOL WORK. Teachers at Thurgood Marshall continue to remind Seniors to not catch any cases of "Senioritis," and for many, this has been hard. But I am proud to say that we as a class have progressed forward, creating memories along the way, to a time close to what some view as the end. But as we approach prom, graduation, and college life, we must remember that this is the beginning to more memories, more success stories, and more opportunities to enrich the lives of one another in our Warrior Family.

I encourage you all in the senior class, and even those who will soon rise to the position of senior, to continue to work hard and to finish strong. The stress that we are experiencing now is only the weight we need to pump up our intellectual muscles so that we can go into college and adulthood swinging.

This is OUR last year, last semester, and last quarter as seniors, but is certainly not the end to a pride that we have developed - TMA Warriors.



  2. Awwwwwww. I teared up!