Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Mentor Program enters its blue period

Not really.  Not really a blue period, that is.  But we DID go to the bowling alley and after about 30 minutes of what seemed like normal bowling, this happened:

And it was awesome.  And it didn't stop anyone from knocking down as many as four or five pins over as few as two or three legitimate attempts with the heavy round ball.  But Obama-like bowling was not all that transpired this past Saturday.  We also split the program up into teams (named after prominent colleges that have accepted our graduates) and had a little healthy competition.  They had a word-scramble, a trivia contest, and a mascot-naming challenge in addition to the bowling.  The current standings are as follows:
First Place: Cornell University (273 points)
Second Place: Howard University (246)
Third Place: Morgan State University (245)
Fourth Place: University of North Carolina (231)
Note: standings are based on attendance, bowling performance, and trivia responses.  Points assigned are entirely arbitrary. 
In addition to this new (healthy!) competition, we have also found a genius photographer in our midst.  Each of the pictures featured on this post was taken by junior Dream Jackson.  She and her mentor, Marissa Zanno, have agreed to spend this year (their second in the program) as Official Photographers!  Many thanks to Dream and Marissa!

So now we have had two stellar mentor days and most of our pairs are well on their ways to great new heights.  On their own, participants are getting out into the community and as a large group we are taking the district by storm.  Next month we head to the movies to see a social action documentary and do some community service planning. 
Stay tuned...and keep those shoes on!


  1. Silly Walks!
    This was a great Mentor Day outing. Congrats to the Programs Staff for a well executed event. The mentors and mentees that I bowled with had a blast.
    That pizza was again phenomenal.

    I look forward to next month.

    PS You think that picture is great?...Just wait 'til you see me on ice skates

  2. i had so much fun. I bowled a 104 the first game and a 197 total. i also beat me mentor score...YAY! brownie point for me.

  3. I had a blast bowling last weekend! I was on a roll and then my score sadly declined :(. I still had fun regardless. The atmosphere was great and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. What also made the weekend great was that i got to interact and connect with other mentors. While our mentees mingled with their friends we conversed and got to know one another. We got along very well. I'm very excited about the next movie for the next outing! I'm sure Amber and i will have a good time. Can't wait!