Monday, November 23, 2009

America's Next Top Blogger - Week One Winner - Nadean Talley!

Congratulations to freshman Nadean Talley, the week one winner of America's Next Top Blogger.  Our first topic was "What are you looking forward to MOST about homecoming?"

What I'm looking forward to most about homecoming is seeing what Thurgood has to give.  I have never been to a homecoming, period, so I hope it is something exciting.  So I'm looking forward to my first homecoming ever and having fun.

Stay tuned for week two of America's Next Top Blogger!


  1. I concur. Iam mostly excited about the homecoming dance.I have never been to a formal homecoming so I can not wait to get all dressed up, and see everyone eles.

  2. i look forward to homecoming because this is the first homecoming tma has had and im excited to see what the homecoming commitee has come up with