Monday, June 29, 2009

Student Shuffle!

The Student Shuffle is an opportunity for TMA students to share with the world what they are listening to. The process is simple: we will ask a student to bring his or her MP3 player into the office and set the machine to shuffle. The student will give a review of the first five tracks. No skips, no edits, no excuses.

Joining us in the office today is rising 11th grader Akasha-Regine Rodgers. Here, then, is her Student Shuffle:

Track 1: Coldplay, "Trouble"
Coldplay. My ex-boyfriend's sister got me into Coldplay. Her favorite song was "Clocks". I just went to itunes and searched a whole bunch of Coldplay songs and I was actually quite interested in it. So, I got a couple more songs by them. This one I don't really listen to in excess, but it's a good song.

Track 2: Jessica Simpson, "I Belong to Me"
Ugh, Jessica Simpson. Why do I have her on here actually? (laughs) Um, I think...(more laughing) no, my mom..I remember! This album, A Public Affair, my mom got it and, so, I was just in one of those phases where I was just trying to get as much music on my ipod as possible, so I just put the CD in and you know how as soon one song uploads it will play automatically? The first song is like, (sings) "All the girls steppin' out for a public affair..." So I was just bopping to that for a couple of minutes and then I thought about it. It was like: this is Jessica Simpson. So. Let's just skip this song.

Track 3: Nina Simone, "To Love Somebody"
Aww, Nina Simone. Yes. Me and my mom sing out loud to her music, actually. I'm into a lot of old school, especially like Blackstreet, As Yet, Sugarhill Gang. So, whenever me and my mom are cleaning the house or something we'll blast old school. It's fun. It's extremely fun. Nina Simone is great.

Track 4: Living Language - Learn Japanese, "Lesson 24: Conversation"
That's my Japanese track. That's not music; I'm learning Japanese. Ok, so, I'm obessed with Japan, I guess. I love manga, I love anime, I love everything about it, and so for Christmas my mom got me this 40-lesson learning Japanese thing. So, once I get my culinary arts degree and move to Japan I can open up my restaurant there. That's my plan. I've kinda taken a back seat on it, so I can get my schoolwork together. I listen to that and I read the book and I practice the characters and whatnot. I'm pretty good with the accent, actually. (Speaks a bit of Japanese that sounds very authentic) That means something about friendship. Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto. (Laughs).

Track 5: Pitbull, "Oye Loca"
Pitbull is the most provactive artist on the face of the planet. He's like a Cuban Ludacris. I love his music and I've always been into reggaeton. It makes me dance. It makes me jump up and down. I love Pitbull with a passion. If I ever meet him...I'm not into the "OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU" type thing, I have always hated that because they're people just like us...but I definitely think if I met Pitbull I just might faint.

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