Tuesday, June 23, 2009

superior heart, superior mind, Superior Court.

Oridinarily, clerking for a judge is an opportunity reserved for second-year law students. Thurgood Marshall Academy has never considered what is ordinary when designing our programs.

Starting this week, nine TMA students will intern for judges appointed to various courts in the DC Superior Court system; these courts include but are not limited to family, criminal, civil and probate court. Over the summer, our students will witness, participate in, and examine complex court cases, develop their skills as advocates, and observe judges hearing the most pressing cases of our day.


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  2. I would love to hear about the court cases that these students will sit in on.

    P.S. The picture is beautiful!

  3. Yea the picture's nice, but I think I'm hidden behind Kymesha's head! The program was so great and I can't wait to advocate for it when the school will have a fair of summer opportunities.