Thursday, March 8, 2012

¿Cómo se dice New Best Friends?

A group of Thurgood Marshall Academy’s Spanish 3 students had a great extracurricular experience last Wednesday, when they traveled to the National Portrait Gallery to meet their pen pals. For the last year they’ve been writing letters to students in Mr. Joe Addison’s English class in Pachuca, Mexico. 

Although some students were nervous about meeting their pen pals, once the students from Pachuca arrived, they had a great time getting to know one another face to face. Some students ate lunch together, while others perused the Gallery’s various exhibits. TMA 11th grader Chris Ridout used the hour to help his pen pal, Marco, find an American girlfriend: 

All too soon, it was time to say goodbye. After one giant group photo opportunity, students hugged and promised to keep in touch. As the TMA group returned to campus, some students talked with Ms. Garcia about what they'd learned about Mexico from their pen pals, while others pondered this life-changing experience silently.

Pen Pals at the National Portrait Gallery
“I didn’t expect to make a new friend today,” Sophomore Darnell Hudson said, “but now I feel like the time we spent together was too short. I’ll have to study abroad in Mexico soon!” 

TMA Students Jada Blackwell and Moli Dobbins talk with their pen pals

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  1. My students still can't stop talking about it - thanks to everyone at TMA for making this happen!

    - Joe