Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Law Firm Tutoring Spotlight: Williams & Connolly

Elcid Johnson works on AP US History.

The LFT group that heads to Williams & Connolly each week comes prepared to work hard and have fun! Although Law Firm Tutoring partner Williams & Connolly hosts one of the largest LFT groups in this year's program, the firm's sessions run smoothly under the guidance of Linda Dunbar, the LFT coordinator, and the tutors from the firm.

Renita Robinson and her tutor work together on an assignment.

As is the case with several other LFT partner firms, Williams & Connolly matches each TMA student with a tutor or two for the entire year, and students and tutors get to know each other well during the LFT sessions. At the final LFT session before the break, students and their tutors buckled down to work on everything from US History essay prompts and outlines to Algebra assignments on perfect squares.

Malachi McCaskill and his tutor tackle perfect squares!

Throughout the hour of tutoring, students and tutors worked together on homework, but also took time to catch up with each other and to learn more about each other’s lives and goals for the future, exemplifying one of the many extra-curricular benefits of LFT for students.

Rachelle Turner gets input from her tutor.

Marion Washington and her tutor work on a History prompt.

As students packed up to head down to the bus, we discovered that some students were still hard at work with their tutors, and didn’t want to leave LFT!

Lexus Harkum and her tutor discuss an assignment.


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