Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Students Get Exposure to the Music Industry at Grammy SoundChecks

Imagine being in the same room as a Grammy-nominated artist and being able to ask him questions such as how he got there? What were his inspiration(s)? That is exactly what 11 TMA students were able to did last Wednesday with 3-time Grammy nominated singer Raphael Sadiq. Through the Grammy Foundation’s Soundchecks program, students were able to observed Sadiq’s sound check which provided them with a glimpse of the realities of music careers and the music industry. After the rehearsal, the 11 TMA students, along with approximately 30 other area college and high-school students, were able to ask Sadiq questions about his career, the challenges he’s faced, his inspirations. According to 12th grader Ke’von Miles, being able to participate in the question and answer session, “Opened my mind and exposed me to the real dealings of the music industry.” Another student, 10th grader Charell Williams commented “It was a good experience and it has inspired me to strive to be who I want.” Thank you to Wendi Cherry at the Grammy Foundation for allowing our students to attend this event!

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