Thursday, April 14, 2011

The TMA Brief Reports Live from the USPS Stamp Event

Aaron Long, Associate Reporter and Entertainment Guru for The TMA Brief, conducted the following interview with Sean Miller, Education Director at Earth Day Network.

The Brief: How long have you been working with TMA? And how has it been?
Sean Miller: Close to 4 years with Mr. Ullery, it’s been phenomenal. We’ve seen a lot of change. There was no Green Club until after Mr. Ullery arrived. Basically we’ve been able to make TMA one of the greenest schools in the entire country.

The Brief: Do you think students actually take something away from you all?
Sean Miller: I do because going green is easy to do. However, students want to have good jobs when they get out of school so learning about it now is a good thing.

The Brief: Does Earth Day Network Have any job or volunteer opportunities for TMA students?
Sean Miller: Yes, especially with the summer coming up. We’ll be happy to have any TMA student help out this summer or even the fall. The email is All you have to do is send your information.

The Brief: Earth Day Network is big with TMA are there any other partners you have worked with?
Sean Miller: Yes, we work with schools across the country. For example, this week is National Environmental Education Week and thousands of schools across the country are going to use the curriculum for that.

The TMA Brief reporter Aaron Long speaks with Sean Miller

The Brief: Earth Day is right around the corner, what big things is Earth Day Network doing to celebrate?
Sean Miller: We are constructing several other school gardens around the year. Our first is Templeton Elementary School in Prince Georges County. We’re also putting biodiesel production facilities in two other schools.

The Brief: Any final words you would like to give to the TMA Brief?
Sean Miller: TMA should take a sustainability stand so that one person can be in charge of the sustainability efforts and we’ll be willing to help.

Special thanks to Sara Passaro for her help with this post!

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