Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mentor Day at Georgetown University!

On Saturday, March 5 the Mentor Program visited the beautiful campus of Georgetown University. Led by mentor Kathryn Cogswell and TMA Staffer Jess Joswick mentors and mentees got a tour of the university that included tips and special information they learned from the guide’s time at Georgetown. The groups got to explore the library, visit a dorm, see the student fitness center and the newly built Business School. After the tour, the group sat down for a panel discussion with current TMA Mentors where they learned what college life is really like. They also got some tips on what they need to do to end up at the right school for them. The day ended with lunch at the Leavy Center. We hope everyone had a great time and that all the TMA students will be ready to return to a college campus soon as enrolled students!

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