Friday, November 5, 2010

Election Day!

Like the rest of the country, Tuesday was Election Day here at Thurgood Marshall Academy. Students in all grades voted for School President, School Vice-President School Treasurer, School Secretary, and two Class Representatives.

Some students participated in early voting before classes started, while the rest of the student body voted during their lunch period. All students registered with TMA election officials before filing into one of four booths to cast their votes.

Freshman Kahlil Stewart models the “I Voted” stickers students received.

The savvy seniors demonstrated their civic mindedness with a spectacular 92% voter turnout. That number blew away DC’s voter turnout, which registered at a paltry 28%.

Junior Uniqua Wood votes!

Congratulations to all students who ran for office. Each candidate devoted themselves tirelessly to the campaign trail – covering the halls with flyers, delivering wonderful speeches, and engaging their classmates.

In particular, Kadeejah Johnson, Errol Smith Jr., Kaneshia House, Amanda Barnes, Christoper Ridout, and Stewart Gray all ran exciting campaigns and captured the imagination of the school.

The 2010-2011 TMA Student Government is listed below:

School President – Markus Batchelor
School Vice-President – Tykia Shirriel
School Treasurer – Taylor Middleton
School Secretary – Markysha Dickens

12th Grade Class Reps – Andrew Alexander and Moo Ho Bae II
11th Grade Class Reps – Demetrius Begemann and Collecha Newby
10th Grade Class Reps – Jazmin Walker and Telvin Walker
9th Grade Class Reps – Kiyah Avent and Katrina Jackson

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